Refined Furniture in an intricately designed loft!

Bringing to life and allowing a physical engagement with the furniture, accessories, and art pieces in a home like interactive showroom, located on the third floor of the charming vaudeville theatre situated in the heart of Amsterdam, this specially illuminated curated interior space allows its visitor to feel, smell, hear and visualize variety of items, from the linen cushions on four poster bed, the communal dining table to the candle set perched on the suspended shelf whilst promoting locally sourced products which uses natural materials.
Assembling a select collection of furniture to create contemporary and tasteful setting, the loft is a potential interior environment where whatever can be seen can be purchased.

Carry on a similar apartment design filled with innovative style and glamour from Future Makers in Abu Dhabi and live a smooth and harmonious transition between interiors and what entails a wholesome of artistic living interaction.