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More Home Design Inspiration from Scandinavia

Located in a charming old building in the Kungshöjd area, Gothenburg, this Scandinavian Duplex harmonizes Coziness and Elegance.

A total living surface of 104 squares meters and consists of three lively rooms plus kitchen, this home is an interior design simplicity with unrivaled views of the city and harbor and featuring a generously-sized terrace overlooking the rooftops, a ceiling height of just over four meters and plenty of natural light.

Enjoying the sense of tranquility this place exudes, you will be visiting the first level which has a living area of 79 square meters and accommodates the kitchen and living room in an open plan, an inviting bedroom and a bathroom, while with a floor area of 25 square meters, the upper level hosts the master bedroom with adjoining dressing room.

The house seems, as its design features imply, centered in the social core of the duplex, which is the warmth-inspiring living zone, with walls painted in white, oiled oak parquet floors, charming nooks and skylight, and a small breakfast table besides the window that allows the inhabitants to relax while enjoying views of the harbor entrance and Skansen Crown.

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