For an inspiring, enjoyable and workable Home Design (Part II)

Interior designers

In order to better design an already built structure you may then require the help of an interior designer. Interior designers, hence the name, work within the already established interior spatial platform, using their skills to add aesthetic value.

While many people believe interior designers have a single-minded skill-set that revolves around making things pretty—they are sorely wrong. Here is an outline of the key roles that interior designers play:

• Interior designers are professionally trained in space planning for ALL types of buildings including, hotels, homes, office spaces, hospitals etc.
• After consultation with the client(s), they create renderings/drawings of designs that are both functional and aesthetic for the interior space
• Once design is approved by the client, the designer then creates the space.
• Sometimes the space can be created through simple allocation of fabrics, paints and furnishings while other times it may require a more intensive remodel whereby construction contractors are hired
• Their designs incorporate both beauty and functionality, while maintaining safety through adherence and knowledge of building codes and safety
• Interior designers have strong spatial skills along with a myriad of aesthetic design skills
Interior designers are certainly the ones to hire if you crave a beautiful space, but their skills go way beyond beauty—with most having received training in the fields of architecture, design, construction, building codes and sustainability.

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