Decorating Hacks: Give Your Home a Makeover In a Day

Every home owner has a beautiful collection of vases or collectables, but not every home owner knows what to do with them. A quick tip would be to display your great collection on a dining room table. Placing your collection on a dining room table creates a dramatic display of the collection, don’t worry the pieces do not have to match, but they do have to play well together, for example the vases have to work aesthetically together.

Don’t shy away from adding elements to your homes. Add an interior curtain in your interior space, it can do wonders. An interior curtain can spin the room and hide messes giving you extra room as it acts as a divider.

When it comes to the bedroom not everything has to match and especially the bedding. Choose a certain theme however the beddings do not have to match to work well in those themes. Mixing and matching patterns makes the rooms look somewhat of a collection of beautiful textiles.

Place an antique piece in the guest bathroom, this gives the guest a feel of tradition or authenticity of the bathroom.

Got an old piece of furniture? Why not paint it? Paint your old dining room table white and give it an ultramodern look. This will make the dining room look fresher and newer.

Although this seems a bit of a cliché but it’s back in the décor game, PLATES! Yes plates. Cover a wall in the room with plates and give the room a beautiful art effect.

Give your boring vinyl window shades a makeover. How? Just place a roll of wallpaper on the vinyl shades. This will bring life into room and make the curtains stand out from the décor.

Turkish runners are widely favoured in the Middle East and here’s why. Turkish runners just give a bit of personality to a hallways and draw the attention to the decorated space.

Move your seating away from the surrounding walls, this will lift up the room instantly as it makes the seating area more intimate. Place a few decorative pieces in between the free dead spaces and you are good to go.

Reupholster furniture with old curtains. If you’ve got old floral curtains you can make use of them by reupholstering your chairs. This will make good use of old items as it give your living room and instant make over.