Clever Ideas for Designing Small Spaces

Nowadays, people have been choosing to live in apartments – inside the city and away from rural communities. Some like to live on their own because it’s cozier and a fun experience, too. That’s why we have collated tips on how you can design your own flat while maximizing your comfort and never feel you don’t have enough space in it.

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Here in this article, we will discuss how you can maximize space in your own flat, giving you that good feeling of living alone, without having to worry about how cramped your place is.

 1. You should be creative in making your bed.Enclose it, raise it, or hide it behind drapes so you can have your privacy. There are beds that can be folded and hung on the walls – you can try these ones out so that your bed won’t cover up so much space in your apartment.

2.  Use up you ceiling and extra spaces. Put hooks and pegs so you can hang some of your things or put wall decors around your room. You can hang pot racks or storage netting from your ceiling to act as storage as well.

3. Purchase big furniture. Small (and many) furnitures can make your space look overcrowded, opposed to the idea of having big furniture, whereas it can make your space look airier and bigger. Choose wisely which furniture you should avail though – select the ones you truly need.

4.Always make sure that your place looks bright. Clean up often, open windows and allow the sun to come right through. Paint your walls with light colors – this can create a perception of having a bigger space than it actually is.

5. If you are going to build dividers, make sure to do it wisely. Some dividers can make your place look cluttered. Use dividers that are not too tall, to expose a feeling that it’s not too closed off.

6.  And lastly, hide your storage well. Use double duty furniture that can have more storage than it actually looks, or paint them with the same colors as your apartment to camouflage and trick your mind that the storage is not really there. Like customized beds, there’s a lot of furniture nowadays that are thrifty and innovative. If you are handy, you can make some on your own and decide how you can organize and build more storage for your home.

Here are just a few tips on maximizing the space in your apartment, and should you need expert designers and constructors, we will be honored to do the job for you. Never worry of having a cramped apartment anymore and let us design and build your home wisely and modernly.