Ten Clever Ways to Transform your Home!

In your endless efforts to change your living space or simply just move & look for a quick, little home pick-me-up, or perhaps something more significant, employing down to the smallest things that simply make the greatest impact, see how these clever design tips can inspire you! 1. Paint smaller rooms in softer, lighter colors… Continue reading

A Home Design Built on Challenging Norms

Overall Space Located in Bedford West Australia, the home was made an affordable and compact but spacious dwelling that utilizes as many recycled, antique or up cycled elements as possible throughout the construction and the fit out. A break in prodigy rare to happen that encompasses all the elements that remind you of previous occupation… Continue reading

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More Home Design Inspiration from Scandinavia

Located in a charming old building in the Kungshöjd area, Gothenburg, this Scandinavian Duplex harmonizes Coziness and Elegance. A total living surface of 104 squares meters and consists of three lively rooms plus kitchen, this home is an interior design simplicity with unrivaled views of the city and harbor and featuring a generously-sized terrace overlooking… Continue reading

For an inspiring, enjoyable and workable Home Design (Part II)

Interior designers In order to better design an already built structure you may then require the help of an interior designer. Interior designers, hence the name, work within the already established interior spatial platform, using their skills to add aesthetic value. While many people believe interior designers have a single-minded skill-set that revolves around making… Continue reading

A loft designed in staggering spiraling windows

Located in the heart of Osaka, this narrow site three story property features a spiral staircase that wraps around the interior of the home. From the exterior, the structure is positioned on a busy street surrounded by other residential dwellings including the Yodo River, which passes near the house. From the interior, without compromising privacy… Continue reading


Refined Furniture in an intricately designed loft!

Bringing to life and allowing a physical engagement with the furniture, accessories, and art pieces in a home like interactive showroom, located on the third floor of the charming vaudeville theatre situated in the heart of Amsterdam, this specially illuminated curated interior space allows its visitor to feel, smell, hear and visualize variety of items,… Continue reading


An impressive expressive Modern Loft Design

Located on the 12th floor in the building “Red Apple” in Sofia with a total surface 96 square meters, the loft combines the energy and warmth of natural materials like brick, wood and metal with clean and minimalist modern design. Having the owner of the loft as a man with a bohemian and adventurous spirit… Continue reading


A 5-level Home- Designed into a cliff!

Located in the mountain, around a construction of a road, tightly surrounded by a dense forest, and for an extreme snowboarder, this apartment is folded on five levels. The ground level comprises of a garage supporting a stone compartment for guest accommodations, with an aluminium window, a green roof and a lower elevation providing for… Continue reading