What Does Your House Style Say About You?

Natural and Adaptable People who live in these homes appreciate things that are rugged, adaptable and economic in design as it is all about comfort that is organic and natural. People in natural and adaptable homes are practical and they seek convenience and efficiency. As the name suggests natural homes are designed and built to… Continue reading

10 tips to give your kitchen a make over

1. Update the hardware: you do not need to renovate your kitchen for a make-over. Start by replacing cabinet and drawer pulls for a new look that will instantly update your entire space. 2. Paint a lighter colour: go for a lighter palate on walls and cabinets as it lightens up the space making it… Continue reading

What We Do Best: Contracting and Design

Contracting and design go hand in hand to bring an important element to life. A home does not only require contacting but also requires design to add the final touches that create a comfortable space where you and your family can get together and create lasting memories. That is where we come in! At future… Continue reading

Tips and Tricks to Transform a Room

As designers, we do not really follow a secret rulebook. There are no rules to follow as we’re creative types by nature and we love to let our imagination run free and wild. However we did actually develop some guidelines that we adhere to, to execute an amazing design every time. So what we’ve done… Continue reading