10 of the Best Ideas for Eco-Friendly Designs

Reduce carbon effects without harshly affecting the design of the house of dreams to be built or remodelled by following these eco-friendly tips to better commune in the residence of dreams: 1. Relocation before property purchase For better use of solar energy, those in cooler climates can make large south-facing windows to allow maximum heat… Continue reading


Two Amazing Home Designs For Your Inspiration

1. A curvy form house in the UK with astonishing view This house is in Dorset in the United Kingdom located on a steep slope with several height levels, first and second floors viewing a harbour, the glass windows circling it extending view in all directions, and the house is within close proximity of eye… Continue reading

5 décor trends you have to try this year

With a new year, comes a new beginning. And now might be a great time for you to start revamping your home. You don’t need to put extreme efforts or spend huge tons of money. You just need to find the latest trends and incorporate them into your space for a stylish, most fashionable house… Continue reading

Choose your color like an expert designer

Your choice of color can say a lot about you and can even reflect many feelings and psychological factors. If you are still confused about what paint color to use or what color should your living room sofa be, then read on about different color shades and their meanings. You might get inspired! RED: Deep… Continue reading

Eclectic Design: Revolutionize your style!

Have you ever had one of those pieces at your living room that are emotionally precious and you just could not let go of them, although they are starting to look really, really boring? Timeless pieces that you can’t throw away but are becoming increasingly depressing to look at every time: your grandma’s favorite old… Continue reading

Three Easy Steps to a stylish Bedroom

A bedroom is more than a place to sleep, for us at Future Makers, a bedroom should be a place to relax and unwind, it is sort of a tranquil place to escape the hustle and bustle that’s become part of our lives and that is why an effort should be put towards making your… Continue reading

Simple DIY Hacks To Improve Your Home

1. Use old door knobs for hanging towels: Save your old door knobs to renew their function. Add a vintage look to your home and use it to hang towels for your convenience. 2. Hide the thermostat using a hinged painting: A thermostat or an alarm system can mess up your décor and clutter your… Continue reading

Fashion Meets Furniture

This year’s hot fashion trends are not just for wearing. Future Makers brings you three Spring and Summer fashion trends that inspire beautiful home décor. Using a favorite fashion trend as the inspiration for a room can be a great way to express personal style. These three trends hot off the runways make for truly… Continue reading