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Amazing tips for Exterior Design in Abu Dhabi

It’s all about the image that you would like of your visitors to get about you, and this is the reason behind your thorough care for the impressive Interior and Exterior Design in Abu Dhabi which will be showing the expertise of your meticulously selected Exterior Design Company in UAE.

Knowing that the exterior design of your residence is the first impression that will stay in the minds of your guests, we need to ensure that it is going to be an unmistakably captivating one.

Stick to the following amazing tips for your exterior design project and you shall reap the endless number of compliments.

1. Fix a shiny entry: out of a wide variety of things that can give your entryway the change it needs, such as rugs, an outstanding porch, door knobs, exotic plants and good lighting. Also you can add your own personalized touch through the chosen color of the main door.

2. Plant seasonal flowers in the garden: after asking the experts or doing your little research, you could get informed about the seasonal plants that would work best in the available soil at your place. Your plantations are going to add life to the surrounding area of your residence and they would be giving your place a breathtaking appearance.

3. Ensure a unified concept: based on the overall concept of your exterior design and your preferences you would be making the choice from an array of materials, such as aluminum, steel, brick, cedar and wood. Based on the style that you are targeting, whether you want to go for something modern and modest or traditional and authentic.

4. Use wooden pieces of furniture: once you decide to make an absolute masterpiece of your garden space, you are highly advised to consider the integration of gorgeous wooden furniture. This supreme touch will be a captivating point of attraction in your exterior design.

5. Select your windows: when it comes to the windows you would have many considerations to keep in mind. First of all, you need to think of their durability and functionality. Then comes the style which will be dependent of your residence’s character, whether you want go modern with large windows from the floor to the ceiling, or traditional with symmetrical rectangular windows. Last but not least, you should think about UV rating, ventilation, the view that those windows offer and how easily they could be cleaned.