A Home Design Built on Challenging Norms

Overall Space

Located in Bedford West Australia, the home was made an affordable and compact but spacious dwelling that utilizes as many recycled, antique or up cycled elements as possible throughout the construction and the fit out.
A break in prodigy rare to happen that encompasses all the elements that remind you of previous occupation and use, full of history, character and warmth. An eclectic house that looks like it was converted from an old warehouse or shop.

Sourced and rescued from either salvage yards or a former restaurant, old materials given a second chance at life. The front door boasts old metal numbers, while the windows, frames and architraves compliment the archive collection.

Carry on a similar antique salvaged apartment design filled with innovative style, spacing, character, elements and glamour from Future Makers in Abu Dhabi and live a smooth and harmonious transition between interiors and flooding views from exteriors in what entails a wholesome of artistic illuminating living interaction.

Stay tuned for details on the inside of this magnificent home design next.