Home Trends that will Shape your House in 2018

Houses nowadays are being upgraded – the interior design of people’s homes are now being brought to a whole new level of sass, elegance, and class.

There are a lot of interior design companies in UAE but at Future Makers, we are different among the rest – not only do we create an interior design for you and your family, we also provide exterior design, construction, steel-works, and carpentry.

Future Makers is an interior design company located in UAE that has highly-skilled professionals working in their team to ensure good-quality products and services.

Below are interior designs and ideas that we think would become a trend in 2018. Take note of the following and see if you want to have a change in your interior design next year.

1. Coziness

Like room dividers, reading nooks – small places in your homes should be used well and become a place to chill and relax.

2. Contemporary color palette

2018 will be about the shade of green and brown, with secondary blue, black, white, dark red, soft orange, and yellow. Sparkles, majestic copper, and bronze are stylish materials, too, which can add chic and warmth in modern interiors.

3. Meek shapes and metal furniture

Simplicity will be a trend – lines, shapes, geometric, clean, and elegant styles. Minimalist, Scandinavian and high-tech designs will become influential, as well.

4. Recycling

Mix and match, create new from old and build designs from scrap. These are not bad but will help you become more creative, too.

5. Wood Crafts and Carpentry

Frames and wood works, especially custom-made will become a trend in 2018. They give a more vintage feeling and coziness in your home.

6. Metal, Glass, and Ceramics

Ceramics, tiles, vases, and art are modern trends in decorating. Including metal furniture, fixtures, and wall panels will turn your house into a better one.

7. Natural Stones and Leather
Home accents, shelf holders, aesthetic leather flowers, wall artworks are stylish and so will become a trend in 2018. Marble, granite, and pebbles, as well.

8. 3d wall design

3DWalldesigns will be more prominent next year, giving the ‘techy’ vibe and thus, the ‘modern’ feeling in your homes.

We, Future Makers, listed these down for you to give you ideas on how you can decorate your homes in the coming year – and if you need expert advice and works, we are here to aid you in your necessities and build your dream house with the best interior design.

For more information about Future Makers, please visit our website, http://futuremakers.ae



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