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About us

Future makers l.l.c

Over the years, we have put our expertise and advanced know-how into practice, to meet the international standards of quality assurance while working on every one of our projects.


Future Makers operates with a team of professional engineers and talented designers who use state-of-the-art technologies in the fields of General Contracting and Space Design to keep up with the vast invasion of high-tech to our communities. Future Makers designs your business offering which encompasses your professional facilities in the UAE market, Abu Dhabi in specific. We provide you with outstanding works of Interior Design and Exterior Design, commercial & Residential Designs, Landscaping Services, Hospitality Facilities, Steel Fabrication and installation.  Our services also include False Ceiling and Partition Installation, Plastering & Gypsum WorksDecorative PlastersAir-conditioning Services, Aluminum Works and Painting Services


We strive to provide our valued clientele and loyal end-users with topnotch Construction Services and Space Design in order to help their businesses reach maximum potential and eventually get their awaited profits.


Our Mission

We strive to maintain complete accuracy, dedication, and professionalism in the execution of our turnkey projects, encompassing: ConstructionExterior Design, Interior DesignCarpentry, Steelwork, Aluminum Works, Air-conditioning Services, Plastering Works, Marble Design, Paint Services  and so much more.

Our Vision

We are committed to providing our valued clientele with Professional Contracting Services in UAE, by using all the Construction Elements and Space Designs that are fit for purpose in the most perfect of ways.


Our vision is to keep up with the fast pace of the ever-growing city of Abu Dhabi and invade the UAE market with our value Contacting Services, interior & exterior designs, and dominate the market by being the first general contractors of choice.