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False Ceiling Abu Dhabi - UAE

We design and install different systems of Gypsum Board Ceiling; Ceiling Suspension System, Concealed (Clip in) System, Concealed clip in Tiles, Exposed (Lay in) System, Exposed (Lay in) Tiles, Open Cell System, Dry line Furring Channel System, Dry wall partitioning System, in addition to different types of materials such as aluminium tiles, perforated aluminium tiles, mineral fibre, Fibre plaster ceiling and Vinyl , or any decorative gypsum ceiling board as cornices, cove lights, bulkhead and many more to your project.  We have variety of different designs with high quality that suits your style.


  • - Gypsum board ceiling
  • - Cornice
  • - False Ceiling


              - Gypsum Board Tiles

              - Aluminium Tiles

              - Vinyl Tiles

              - Open Cell